Iron Gods

The Campaign up until now
or "oh god how did this get here i am not good at computer"

Not really in chronological or any other order:

Sophia has been blinded twice, both times by rolling a 2 on her best saving throw.

The party attempted to make friends with an alien dirt monster. It didn’t end well.

Rita began trying to open doors from a distance by chucking her key-card at it. She succeeded, then promptly lost key-card privileges.

Elon two-shot an undead miniboss, thus cementing his place as party BAMF.

In perhaps our only smart decision of the campaign so far, the party bought and then proceeded to drain the shit out of a wand of cure light wounds.

Rita stepped up onto and then was promptly attacked by a table. The table won.

We killed a lady and all got radiation poisoning except maybe Ratigan I don’t really remember.

Some other things happened that I wasn’t actually there for, but that included ?Elon? getting nearly killed by a dude with a rage-boner for humans.

There’s also a thing with someone named Tim or something that I still don’t get despite it being explained to me a couple of times, although tbh I wasn’t really listening.

Elon has twice now been hit by Color Spray friendly fire. One of those times he then went on to have alien eggs implanted into his stomach by a tentacle rape monster. Luckily, his paladinity meant that the eggs were burnt into delicious protein instead of eating him from the inside out.

We made friends with rat-people! Yayyyyyy rat-people. Then we got a couple of them killed rescuing another rat-people.

Rita got crit in the face by an ogre dude and was reduced from full to exactly one point of life from dead in one hit.

Right now we’re running from but not likely to escape from something that is permanently invisible and also not very nice.

Wlcm t yr cmpgn!
blg fr yr cmpgn

Wndrng hw t gt strtd? Hr r fw tps:

1. nvt yr plyrs

nvt thm wth thr thr ml ddrss r thr bsdn Prtl srnm.

2. dt yr hm pg

Mk fw chngs t th hm pg nd gv ppl n d f wht yr cmpgn s bt. Tht wll lt ppl knw y’r srs nd nt jst plyng wth th sstm.

3. Chs thm

f y wnt t st spcfc md fr yr cmpgn, w hv svrl bckgrnds t chs frm. ccntt t b crtng tp bnnr mg.

4. Crt sm NPCs

Chrctrs frm th cr f vry cmpgn, s tk fw mnts t lst t th mjr NPCs n yr cmpgn.

qck tp: Th “+” cn n th tp rght f vry sctn s hw t dd nw tm, whthr t’s nw chrctr r dvntr lg pst, r nthng ls.

5. Wrt yr frst dvntr Lg pst

Th dvntr lg s whr y lst th sssns nd dvntrs yr prty hs bn n, bt fr nw, w sggst dng vry lght “stry s fr” pst. Jst gv brf vrvw f wht th prty hs dn p t ths pnt. ftr ch ftr sssn, crt nw pst dtlng tht nght’s dvntrs.

n fnl tp: Dn’t strss bt mkng yr bsdn Prtl cmpgn lk prfct. nstd, jst mk t wrk fr y nd yr grp. f vryn s hvng fn, thn y’r sng bsdn Prtl xctly s t ws dsgnd, vn f yr dvntr lg sn’t lwys p t dt r yr chrctrs dn’t ll hv prtrt pctrs.

Tht’s t! Th rst s p t yr nd yr plyrs.


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